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GoToMeeting Review

With the growing number of online meeting tools, one who is not versed with all the choices yet may find it difficult to choose from all the varieties the online meeting tool business has to offer. However for beginners, it is recommendable to use GoToMeeting software. It has many benefits with setting up a meeting with a colleague or colleagues for that matter and also with the clients. GoToMeeting is a software which enables the user to meet online, share a desktop, set up online presentations and collaborate projects through video conferencing. It allows the host computer or a person to broadcast his/her desktop to another group of computers joined to the host via the internet.

One thing why GoToMeeting is best for beginners is that it is user-friendly. By following a few instructions and by clicking a few buttons, you can then connect to up to twenty five people. The user-friendliness of GoToMeeting starts with installing the software to ending the meeting. It is even possible to switch the in-charge of the meeting with just a few clicks, wherever the next presenter maybe—whether he’s in Australia or in Greece, just as long as the location has a strong internet connection. You also do not need to copy whatever is said during the meeting because you can record the entire affair and watch it all over again. Not only that, but you can also chat other participants privately even while the meeting is going on so as to disturb others. It is not just compatible with Mac and Windows; it also provides an excellent performance using an iPad. The quality of the audio and the webcam is also clear and defined so you do not need to set up more just so you can listen clearly and see the participants in a high definition.

GoToMeeting is primarily controlled by the host and the meeting is kept private because the software is secured or encrypted.

GoToMeeting is not just user-friendly; it is also cost-friendly. For fifteen attendees in each meeting, you only have to spend $49 per month. You can even purchase monthly or annual plans. The monthly fee is not limited to one meeting only but you can have unlimited amount of meetings. However, if your participants exceed the number allowed, you have to pay an additional cost. As I’ve mentioned earlier, participants can be all over the world and with one person paying, fifteen or more people can see, interact and collaborate with each other. It will lessen the company’s traveling cost, saving a lot of money, because even if you are in a different location, you can attend the meeting.

A little hitch is that screen sharing lacks in video support. It is advisable to send the link to other participants to share a video. If you are looking for looking for video capabilities, a more advanced technology that can be used for technical support or compatible with Linux, try exploring other online meeting options, because like what I’ve said earlier, it is best for basics and for beginners.  


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